Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Stay Clean Services are commited to using the most advanced, eco-friendly products avaiable, not just as a means of jumping on the "green bandwagon" and appealing to a certain type of customer, but for one very simple fact, we know how well they work. Extensive research has led to the development of eco-friendly, organic products that actually outperform chemical detergents and environmentally damaging solvents. We know we are judged by our customers upon the results we deliver, and to be honest thats exactly the way we want to be judged.

Without doubt, our best and most effective form of advertising has come from our customers, based upon the results we have delivered when cleaning.

We have removed the need for harmful chemicals and do not rely on pesticides to remove house and dust mites. Our cleaning systems and methods do not require fibre damaging high temperatures that many carpet cleaners use when cleaning, therefore allowing your carpets to last longer. Our products work at a molecular level, physically destroying soiling, odours, house and dust mites. It also safely eliminates viruses, fungal spores, harmful bacteria and breaks down allergy triggering proteins without the need for harsh chemicals or aggresive cleaning.

Once the process is dry, it biodegrades and is undetectable, leaving no dirt attracting residues behind that is found when shampoo or detergents are used. This allows you to go longer between cleans. You can be confident that our cleaning system will create a clean, healthy environment whilst achieving outstanding results that will last.

We offer multi method cleaning for your carpets, and use the most advanced carpet cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions available.