With the increase in popularity for decked areas in gardens and other outdoor areas, we have seen a huge increase over the last few years for cleaning of wood decking.

Due to the climate in the UK, decking can soon show a build up of algae which not only spoils the appearance but can cause the decking boards to become extremely slippy, posing a potential hazard especially in the damp.

Cleaning of decking can at first appear to be a simple task to people who own a DIY domestic pressure washer, but unfortunately due to the single set pressure these machines operate at, (usually in the range of 100 to 130bar) and the narrow jets they use, damage to the decking boards can easily happen and we have seen many cases where this has happened.

Our industrial pressure washing equipment and the wide range of lances and jet patterns we use, removes the risks of causing damage to the decking boards due to the low pressures we can adjust the machinery to, allowing us to clean decking boards made of either soft or hard wood in a safe, controlled manner.

Once the decking has been cleaned we can apply staining, varnish, and other protective treatments if you wish. Not only will these treatments enhance the appearance of your decking, but they wiil also extend the lifespan of the wood protecting your investment and enjoyment  We have a wide range of colours and stains which you can choose from and also a micro-bead anti-slip protector with built in algae control.

We can also clean and protect garden furniture such as garden tables, chairs, fencing etc. Our algae control products can also prevent re-build up of algae on your fencing, decking, garden furniture, and many other outdoor surfaces.