External Cleaning

The outside of your home or business can be just as important as the inside, and the soil and dirt that lies outside of your property also ends up in your carpets as you walk it in.

Many people nowadays see the outdoor areas of their homes as not just being a garden or a patio area but as yet another room of the house. But unfortunately its not such as easy an area to clean as the indoor rooms are.

Block paving can be easily restored to its former appearance, the cleaning is carried out using our rotary flat surface cleaning system. This removes the build up of moss, weeds and dirt that all too often can be seen on the majority of block paved driveways. Following the cleaning we apply kiln dried sand to finish off the nice new appearance of your driveway. The system we use at Stay Clean Services is also suitable for flagging, slate, tiles, concrete etc, and as no chemicals are used with our cleaning system your plants, grass, wildlife and pets are fully safe.

Algae build up on patios and driveways is very unsightly and also extremely slippery and dangerous when wet with the potential for causing accidents. Removal of algae is a very simple operation with the use of the correct industrial equipment that we have, and large areas can quickly be cleaned and really do bring a huge transformation when cleaned.

Our system involves the use of a specialised rotary flat surface cleaner which minimises the amount of overspray that comes with normal type pressure washing, plus it has the added advantage of the large surface area it cleans quickly. The rotary cleaner is powered by a variable high pressure and water flow petrol industrial pressure washer, giving us total control of pressures from 10psi to in excess of 3000psi if required.

For commercial customers we are happy to provide you with a free demonstration where you can see the difference we can make to your premises and the many safety benefits the system brings following a clean in removing hazardous slippy areas.

Stay Clean Services can also provide you with an eco-friendly algae removal treatment that does not harm surrounding plants, grass, shrubbery, pets, or wildlife. This algae removal treatment in the vast majority of cases keeps algae at bay for over twelve months, and is a superb method of keeping your paths, fences, decking, buildings clean, algae free and removing the risks of slips and falls.

We would like to completely assure any potential customer that we carry full insurance specifically for this type of cleaning work, and have many years experience and training behind us in pressure cleaning work. Our insurance policy is something we will gladly show to any customer should they wish to see it, and our reasons for highlighting this fact is due to a number of similar cleaners who do not operate with the correct insurance cover for pressure washing.

Please note: Public Liability Insurance will not cover the operator in the event of a claim for damage caused by pressure washing, and you will have no redress to the operator should any damage occur.